Tea Tree Clay Face Mask


This purifying face mask is to be used 1-2 times a week and will help to clear your skin of impurities, whilst also preventing breakouts/spots, reducing acne scars and reducing the size of pores. It works to clear the skin of any unwanted bacteria and dead skin by 'detoxing' and leaving you with fresh, soft and clean skin!

The tea tree ingredient in this product is excellent at reducing the size of spots and breakouts, making it perfect for a weekly pamper.


Directions for use:

Using either your fingers or a face mask brush, apply a thin layer of the face mask all over the face or in the specific areas that you wish to target. Leave it on for 15 minutes maximum and then wash the mask off with warm fresh water to leave the skin fresh, clear and smooth.

Tea Tree Clay Face Mask

  • Amount: 100ml

    Ingredients: French Green Clay, Water, Tea Tree Oil